“Why are you looking at heaven?”

letting go of the past, stepping wisely into this pandemic future

And then there is that space in between, where we keep “looking to heaven” where something or someone was, some quick answer, … but now it is gone.

Photo by Joshua Eckstein on Unsplash

Perhaps they didn’t like the answer because it didn’t fit what they expected; maybe they didn’t like the answer because it meant that the hard work was just beginning.

We reach back for what we had.

We long for a future that will not happen.

And we, like the disciples, keep looking at the sky, dumbfounded, shaking our heads, rubbing our eyes, expecting something to change about the past or our hoped-for future.

And these messengers arrive to tell us “go home, there’s work to do”.

Photo by Daniel McCullough on Unsplash

We need absence in order to newly experience presence.

The work of faith is often one of God asking us to let go of what we are holding too tightly. We keep looking “up to heaven” while God sends us messengers that tell us to go home and get to work.

Photo by Indra Giri on Unsplash

We take steps into this present, with patience and wisdom.

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clinical social worker, spiritual director, author, husband, father, son, runner in Georgia, co-author of When Anxiety Strikes from Kregel Publications.

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