“They leave before they leave.”

Part of an occasional series about phrases that this therapist finds himself repeating, often.

As with most issues in therapy, but also in life, there is not a simple either/or, all or nothing. Leaving home is a long, slow process.

They were always leaving us, and that is their purpose.

Being aware of their leaving reminds us to be present with them while they are here.

You had a life before them, and you will have a life after them.

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

They may travel away from you in their ideas too.

Remember that once again they are stretching out away from us, testing the limits, and exploring their world.

Photo by Benjamin Manley on Unsplash

Remember that they do return.

You will always be their parent. They will always be your child.

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clinical social worker, spiritual director, author, husband, father, son, runner in Georgia, co-author of When Anxiety Strikes from Kregel Publications.

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