Blessed Be the Deeply Rooted

on the roots of corn and live oaks, on trusting too much on our own ability

At the small Methodist church that I served years ago, a man named Jim Bevill used to tell me that farmers must be “the biggest gamblers in the world” because they would never really know what kind of year they were going to have.

Just under the surface is that desire we all have to see that tall, green stalk and that big ear of corn; then we stick our thumbs behind the straps of our overalls, pulling them out to make room for our large chest. We believe that we did that, that it is ours.

Can you imagine how in need of water you would be if you were surrounded by salt, where everything was dry and dusty? The prophet urges trust in the Lord during the times in our lives when water is hard to find.

To place our roots in our own effort, in the inflation of our own egos, in the praise of those around us, these are shallow roots that can be blown about by a strong storm. These are fragile plants that need frequent watering so that they do not twist and whither.
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clinical social worker, spiritual director, author, husband, father, son, runner in Georgia, co-author of When Anxiety Strikes from Kregel Publications.

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